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Customer Testimonials

"KC Collect consistently ranks #1 in Atlantic Canada for all our outside accounts receivable collection work."

John Bragg, Founder- Bragg Communications/Eastlink

“KC Collect has been an integral partner to our business. From training of staff to actions on delinquent accounts, their range of services are responsible for the significant improvements to our cash flow management.“

Michael D. Fitzpatrick, CPA, CA - Fitzpatrick & Co

"KC Collect’s ability to collect in a professional, efficient manner has surpassed our expectations and their guidance and advice has been an invaluable asset to the success of our recovery efforts."

Tiffany Bernard, Accounts Receivable Manager- Province of Prince Edward Island

"As a small business owner, hiring a collection agency to help with accounts receivable is never an easy call to make, but having the professionalism that KC Collect displays makes the process easy, effective, and most importantly, comfortable."

Steve Collette, President/CEO- 3rd Degree Training/ East Brands 

"We hold KC Collect in the highest regard and would be happy to recommend their services to our colleagues."

Rolland Young, Financial Reporting Manager - Maritime Electric

"With Its many awards and accolades, I am confident that we have partnered with one of the best in the business.”

Jeff Cooke, President- Cooke Insurance

"The team at KC Collect has the ability to communicate the importance of cash flow so that staff realise quite quickly that accounts receivable must be managed from the start of the sale."

Mike Cassidy- President, Coach Atlantic/Maritime Bus

"The team at KC Collect is hard working and diligent in their dealings. The success of the business is due in large part to their integrity, determination, and ability to tie the brand to excellent quality of service."

Gary Demeulenaere, K.C. Partner- Stewart McKelvey

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"When retaining a collection agency, we had high expectations for increased revenue. KC Collect has definitely met those expectations thus far. Our collections results have been very positive. We look forward to a continued working relationship with the team at KC Collect and highly recommend them."

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" The professionalism, efficiency, and results of KC Collect continually exceed our expectations, while helping to improve our cash flow and reduce the burden on our internal resources. The team at KC Collect provide us with tailored solutions and strategies to recover our outstanding debts, while maintaining a high level of respect and professionalism towards our clients."

Lloyd Compton, CPA, CA, CBV, Partner - MRSB Group

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