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Debt Collection Services

Our no collection, no fee policy eliminates the risk of your company losing money. We are dedicated to recovering as much of your outstanding debt as possible. We specialize in creating cash flow for businesses.

Formal Credit Policy

We can assist you in preventative measures to decrease your debt risk. We preform a thorough examination of your current credit practices and polices in order to create a tailored policy and make necessary recommendations for improvement. The proper implementation of your improved policy will, in turn, decreases your receivables and increases your cash flow.

Receivables Management

Let us take the stress of your receivables management off your hands. We would be pleased to gently contact customers on your behalf to resolve any disputes, billing errors and make the necessary payment arrangements to enhance your cash flow. Please contact us for a quote for this service.

Collection Training

Our certified instructors are able to educate you on how to collect on your investments while keeping your customer. We offer in-house training for your management staff and other personnel. Our comprehensive training covers proper collection techniques, provides the necessary tools to collect successfully and will enhance current credit procedures. This professional service may qualify for a subsidy from the provincial government.

Legal Process Service

Our professional and experienced process servers work diligently to deliver your claim quickly and efficiently. Contact us for an estimate for service.

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